Course certifications ?

Hi team,

I just had an idea for the courses that are available via the platform, are these certified and do they come with an official start and finish date?

Reason I ask is alot of SaaS companies and the one I work for have education reimbursement policy and funds but the only stipulation is that the course needs to be certified, not a membership and have a start and finish date.



  • Brady Locher Jr
    Brady Locher Jr Guest Posts: 21

     We offer a MEDDICC Certification as a leading, authorized provider of MEDDICC training. Additional professional certifications are in development which we expect to launch in the first quarter of 2023. Ascender subscribers enjoy unlimited access to all of our course offerings at any time and as often as they choose.  

  • James Pickett
    James Pickett Guest Posts: 2

    Thanks Brady,

    I just got approval from my company to do the course and recieve reimbursement. With the certificate does it come with a start and finish date on the certificate?

  • Kathleen Schindler
    Kathleen Schindler Member [Team 15] Posts: 27

    Hi @James Pickett - Confirming that it does come with the finish/completion date.