Enroll Section: MEDDICC Certification Assessment

Hi everyone,

I am facing some challenges answering the questions in the final quiz for the MEDDICC certification and would like to seek some input from the community.

Question 2 of the quiz: What are some of the top Business Outcomes for FlyNow?

1.     Create positive brand impact

2.     Improve customer & employee satisfaction

3.     De-risk Digital Transformation

4.     IT Efficiency & Cost Reduction

5.     Eliminate revenue losses from outages

6.     Dramatically improve systems availability

My thought process:

  • From paragraph 1 and 2, FlyNow has experienced multiple network outages, which cost them $120M revenue losses and a negative brand impact. It was also mentioned that their customers and employees are unhappy. Hence, I would think that options 1, 2 and 5 would be part of my selection.
  • From the last paragraph, Manny talked about options 3, 4 and 6.
  • Taking a holistic view, when FlyNow resolves the network outage issue, the top business outcomes would be options 1, 2, 5 and 6 (6 because of the reduced system downtime).
  • I played around with the options but I can't seem to improve my final score, so I would like to seek some guidance from the community. Thank you!


  • Hi Don! Truly appreciate the commitment you've made to the MEDDICCC Certification curriculum. The key to this question is the correct identification of the Economic Buyer. Take a look at the case and at your selection of the EB and see what issues he/she is focused on. Let me know how you do!

  • Don Ian Cher
    Don Ian Cher Guest Posts: 11

    Hi @Brady Locher, thanks for the tips! Based on my understanding, Monique is the EB, and there aren't many direct hints as to what she's looking for apart from being under immense pressure from the Board to solve the problem.

    Hence, I looked at the employees who directly report to her (Manny), who shared that his priorities are to "drastically improve systems availability, increase efficiency while lowering costs, and improve customer & employee satisfaction" -> options 246.

    In the final paragraph, Manny shared that "he has gone through many digital transformations in the past and whatever we can do to de-risk this one should be a priority" -> option 3.

    Another angle I've looked at is the relationship between Alex (IT Director) and Monique (CIO), where Alex also mentioned that their "CIO is under a lot of pressure from the Board of Directors to fix this problem quickly". Looking at what he explained in para 2 "FlyNow’s customers are furious, and the employees are not happy with these outages as the IT Teams have been strained" -> option 2

    I tried options 246 and 2346, but am still unable to improve my score. Would appreciate some input on my thought process.

  • Hi Don, this is a challenging assessment by design. We wanted to truly validate your mastery of the MEDDICC methodology. I would be interested in speaking with you directly about the assessment and how we might strike a more practical balance between rigor and feasibility. Let me know if you'd be up to getting together to discuss.

  • Don Ian Cher
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    Hi @Brady Locher, just saw your reply. Apologies for not replying sooner - did not log in to Ascender since my last reply and realised that the Ascender email notification went to "Junk" (fixed it on my end so I'll never miss another notification 😁).

    Thanks for reaching out to me via email and arranging for an online call today!