Devon Pratte
Devon Pratte Member [Custom Team] Posts: 7

Can my work voicemail for my personal phone be the same for my work line? I think that it is okay as long as it holds all the necessary material. However it might not be the most professional.


  • Will Kasemeyer
    Will Kasemeyer Member [Custom Team] Posts: 6

    As long as your voicemail is professional and thought through, there should be no reason why it can't. Just ensure that it is a good representation of you and makes them want to follow up with you.

  • Emily Erickson
    Emily Erickson Member [Custom Team] Posts: 11

    I believe that if the voicemail for the personal phone is well thought out, leaves the correct information, and sounds professional, then there is no reason why it can't.

  • Devin Teal
    Devin Teal Member [Custom Team] Posts: 9

    I think that it should be allowed. As long as it its professional and gives all proper information, then it should be okay to be used.

  • Timmy Cotton
    Timmy Cotton Member [Custom Team] Posts: 11

    Using the same voicemail for both your personal and work lines is acceptable as long as it conveys all the required information, but it may not be the most professional approach depending on when and where you answer.

  • Hunter Edson
    Hunter Edson Member [Custom Team] Posts: 11

    It should be allowed, as long as the voicemail is professional and well thought out and has all of the important information needed.

  • Tori King
    Tori King Member [Custom Team] Posts: 5

    I think you should be allowed to when deciding how to set up your voicemail messages, you'll need to take your employer's restrictions into consideration. Also your phone system's abilities, and your demands for privacy and professionalism into consideration.

  • Elijah Friend
    Elijah Friend Member [Custom Team] Posts: 7

    I would have to agree with you, I think its perfectly acceptable to use the same voicemail for work and personal as long as it remains appropriate. Those that call might find it authentic and in good nature.

  • Avery Brockwell
    Avery Brockwell Member [Custom Team] Posts: 11

    I think it is acceptable to use the same voicemail as long as it does not go against your company's policies and it is professional/appropriate.